Mylenberg wine leaf glass

Price: 2,200.- DKK per item

Height 10.8 cm.

Mylenberg is the Danish glassworks with the shortest lifetime, only 11 years, before financial problems made a bankruptcy inevitable.

Mylenberg was at Gandrupgaard Gods at Aalborg and was owned by Chamberlain Mylius from the beginning in 1852, from 1855 by Rathman and Kissmeyer, but already from 1860 problems arise and the glasswork goes on foreclosures in 1863.

Only one price list from Mylenberg, from 1859, has been saved up until today, which mentions a number of items sold "with cut" which is probably a self made danish word of the German "Glasausschnitt", and since a large number of the employees were German, it was easy chosen to use this word to describe the wine leave cut goods.

It is decorated with Mylenberg's classic lying vine leaves with closely cut grapes.

The glass is in good condition with a sharp pontil underneath.

Item number: 10883

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