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Quirky Sundays Antik & Vintage, Houvej 74 5953 Tranekær


About us

Quirky Sundays - eclectic and climate-friendly interior decor to make you smile!

Mid Century Modern and antique interior decoration art are the focus of Quirky Sundays’ Antique & Vintage shop. Our business are dealing with antique and vintage interior design for a warm, eclectic and fun home with a Scandinavian accent.

We are always on the search for wonderful decorative art, e.g. glass, pottery, vases and vessels, lighting, wood, metal, flat-weave rugs and other items that can form a bridge to the people we once were. A home looks great with new furniture and decoration, but to add character and true style in our opinion you also need some things that relates to our cultural background and past.

Our focus expands from the 19th to the 20th century and we aim to make our costumers travel in time through antique and vintage things that our predecessors produced, possessed, cared for and cherised . We focus on the reuse of fantastic decorative art, which are hand made with great craft, artistic inspiration and love.